Create a full meeting room directly from your laptop

Elqui enables you to create in one click a meeting room to work with your clients.
Tablet Surface pro emiting an Elqui wifi network
1. When you start your Elqui meeting room, your laptop creates a wifi network encrypted and secured with a password.
Mackbook connecting to the Elqui wifi network
2. Your client only need to connect their laptops, tablets or smartphones to join your Elqui meeting.

Everything you need for your meetings

Elqui contains the tools you need for your meetings !
Elqui folder
File sharing
Share and collect files with a single drag&drop. You exchange your files at the right time with full tracking capabilities.
Presentation desk
Presentation tool
Stream your presentation on you clients’ devices. Without the need for projectors, you can now enjoy an unmatched comfort in your work.
Profile icon
Sharing business cards
Share your business card digitally with Elqui. It will automatically be saved into your clients’ contact list. Every detail counts !
And a lot more is coming...

So simple !

Simply install Elqui on your laptop. Nothing more !

No need for infrastructure, an internet connection, a projector, cables and there is nothing to setup.
Your clients can join your Elqui session witht heir laptops, tablets and smartphones. They don’t need to install anything : no application, no plugins.

You are always ready to work with your clients.
Man handling a tablet

A unique technology

At Elqui we love technology

To bring you a seamless user experience, we have built a sophisticated system that enables you to create a wifi network directly from your laptop while you are still connected to another network. This way, you can you use your Elqui meeting room as well as stay connected to the internet.

We have also integrated a captive portal. When a client joins your Elqui session, his/her browser will automatically direct you to the meeting page

Technical specifications

Your security is key

Fort Knox houses and protects the largest gold reserves in the world, Elqui houses and protects your data during your meetings.

Elqui was built especially to ensure your security as well as your clients’.

Local and encrypted network : The Elqui network is only accesible in a restricted area and is secured by the WPA2 protocol with PSK/AES encryption.
Authentication : Each user who joins an Elqui session is authenticated to ensure complete traceability and privacy.
Data segregation: We have conceived the Elqui architecture to ensure a full segregation between your private data and your Elqui session so as to avoid information leakage.

All our security mechanisms were audited and certified by XMCO a qualified security assessor.

Based upon penetration tests and configuration reviews, XMCO hereby confirms that :
• The Elqui application as been asseed by security experts in regards to current known attack vectors with OWASP and OSSTMM methodologies;
• Segregation betwenn different application-level profiles provided by the application is effective and data confidentiality is properly ensured.

CCWAPSS logo 10/10

Elqui obtained the maximum CCWAPSS score of 10/10.

They trust-us

Give yourself a head start.

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